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Australian Wheat Vodka

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Noosa Heads Distillery
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Nose: Country Straw, Dissipating Heat
Palate: Soft, Quick Finishing, Subtle Pear & Coconut.
ABV: 40% - proof 80
Australian Made
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Our Vodka is made exclusively with Australian-grown wheat and filtered Noosa water which has gone through two filtering stages; ceramic & carbon. The flavour profile reflects crisp pear and subtle coconut. Once blended it receives a final filtration through coconut charcoal husks.

Noosa Heads Distillery Vodka

The original distilled spirit, our vodka serves as the cornerstone of our entire collection of gins. Crafted meticulously from premium Australian-grown wheat, each batch undergoes a meticulous process, lovingly guided through our copper stills to capture the pure essence of this exceptional grain. Through the art of double distillation, we ensure that every trace of impurity or off-flavor is meticulously removed, resulting in a vodka of unparalleled purity, its texture as smooth and gentle as flowing water.

But our dedication to excellence doesn't stop there.

After the distillation process, we take a further step towards perfection by subjecting the vodka to our coconut charcoal filtration system. This meticulous process acts as a final purification, stripping away any remaining impurities and enhancing the vodka's pristine clarity.

Emerging on the other side of this meticulous process is a vodka of remarkable neutrality, with just a hint of sweetness and creaminess derived from the wheat at its core. Whether savoured warm to embrace its subtle nuances or served ice-cold for a refreshing experience, our vodka stands as a testament to craftsmanship, perfect for elevating any occasion, from intimate gatherings to grand celebrations.