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Laguna Single Malt Whisky

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Australian Made
Sustainable production
Aged in French & American Oak
Our whisky isn't just a drink, it's a journey. 
Whisky glasses included
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Single origin barley, grown and malted in Australia. Mashed, fermented, copper pot distilled & barrelled all under one roof. Aged in French & American Oak, ex Australian wine casks.

What makes our Whisky special?

Our whisky stands apart from the rest due to our unique process, all conducted on-site. Unlike many other distilleries that purchase wash from third parties, we meticulously craft our own wash in our dedicated brewhouse. Our commitment to quality begins with the selection of premium, sustainably produced small-batch malts as the foundation for our whisky.

Every drop is aged in the finest barrels we can procure, ensuring exceptional flavour profiles. From the moment the grain enters our facility to the bottling of the finished product, including design and marketing, every step occurs under one roof. It's a seamless journey from grain to glass.

Moreover, we take pride in operating one of the most sustainable production facilities in the industry, minimising our carbon footprint at every turn. As a family-owned business, our passion for excellence is infused into every aspect of what we do.

Unlock the Essence of Luxury: Why Invest $249 in Our Exquisite Whisky

Our whisky embodies a commitment to excellence, offering a premium experience at every sip. Crafted with care, we select the finest American and French oak barrels, each chosen meticulously by our expert team to enhance the richness of the final product.

What sets us apart?

It's our dedication to quality, evident in every step of the process. From the creation of the malt to the ageing process, all facets of our whisky's production occur under one roof. This ensures a consistency and purity unmatched by others—a hallmark of our craftsmanship.

But our whisky isn't just a drink—it's a journey. With each pour, you're immersing yourself in a tradition of passion and expertise, refined over generations and now available for the discerning palate.

So, why invest $249 in our whisky? Because it's more than just a beverage—it's a symbol of sophistication, a testament to unparalleled quality, and an opportunity to savour life's finer moments. Experience it for yourself.


An argument that goes back centuries. Essentially, back in the day Scotts produced Whisky & Irish produced Whiskey.

The names travelled with global migration and hence the Irish took Whiskey to America and the Scotts took Whisky to Australia etc.

As is the way of the world the spelling is now enshrined in legal mythology.

Here, online or at Noosa Heads Distillery. 19 Venture Drive Noosaville QLD Australia

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